Get to know Bill.

Bill Williamson is not new to Grace of Christ.  From 1995-1999 Pastor Bill served as Associate Pastor for what was then First Presbyterian Church.  After serving in Southern California as a Senior Pastor, Bill, and his wife Debbie, returned to Yakima.  Bill served as a Hospice Chaplain with Memorial Hospital from May 2018 – February 15, 2019, He then returned to Grace of Christ in February, 2019 when he was appointed Designated Pastor. On February 1, 2020 he formally became Senior Pastor, Head of Staff.

Bill and Debbie have three adult daughters.  Kathryn lives in Spokane with her husband Mike, and they are brand new parents to Jude Fox.  Megan lives in LaVerne, Ca. with her husband Brian, and their two daughters Berkley and Chloe.  Haley lives in Spokane, working as a Resident Director at Whitworth University.

You will find Pastor Bill at various local coffee shops, and are free to interrupt what he is doing and engage in conversation.  Debbie is a substitute teacher in Yakima and West Valley school districts, and is enjoying spending time with grandchildren when she can, as well as visiting her mother in California.  

Pastor Bill is also a lifelong fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Rams.  Golf, bike riding, walking, reading, hitting the gym, coaching pastors, and enjoying a good cup of coffee have also been regular parts of Bill’s life.  Pastor Bill particularly enjoys seeing what God and the Church are doing globally, having gone to Kenya twice, Rwanda twice, Ethiopia once, as well as Costa Rica twice, Guatemala three times, Spain once, Australia once and various places in Mexico on numerous occasions.

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