>>  Youth group is cancelled  <<

but we have a plan!

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youth group is cancelled... but we have a plan!

This year we are completely breaking down youth ministry and starting from scratch. Students are facing a whole new set of challenges and our world seems far from “normal”, so let’s just start over. Our plan is to pair students with a small group meeting weekly to act as there support and part of there Christian community for the year.

Our approach is to meet each student as if it’s the first time and learn what they need and want from this year because it will be different than any other. We want to focus on the student part of the ministry and find ways to bring Christ into everyday life in a fun way.

We see this working threw activity based ministry, if interest in getting yourself or your student involved details and connect info is below :) get ready for a wacky year!

How does my student get involved?

If interested in getting your student involved reserve there spot in a small group with either Robin Stuber @ or Ali Hildebrand at (509)834-0405 before October 1st! Before groups begin to meet we will also have a new COVID inclusive smurf form (release form) for parents and students to fill out as we are aiming to have most small groups meet in person.

How can I help? - We Need leaders!

We need leaders to help carry out our vision of small activity based ministry this year. If interested get in touch with Robin Stuber at and attend our first volunteer leadership training and vision casting zoom call October 1st @ 6pm

How can I help? - We Need gift cards!

We also need food and activity gift cards. The easiest way to connect and build a relationship with a student is over food or an activity but it can add up!
Thank you all for your love and support over the last two years working for the church, I can’t wait for my new role in the ministry!

-Ali Hildebrand
Former student ministry director & Current volunteer

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