sunday, september 26

9am contemporary

11am traditional

Letters to corinth & Yakima Grace

relying on god

september 26 .  2 corinthians 1.8-11

alex rule

How many times have we found ourselves facing difficulties in life and have placed all our trust in God? How many times did we believe that there was no hope and we felt like we were dying, and we asked for an intercessory prayer.

In todays passage we will learn of Paul’s great need to share with the Corinthian Church his pain and suffering, his need for God and church’s prayers. Here, the apostle Paul relies on God alone and not in his own understanding and abilities for his salvation.

He encourages this church and us to continue trusting in Jesus Christ alone for our salvation. He knew, and we know that Jesus already paid the price for our sins. We must all accept the gift of forgiveness and eternal life that God is giving us through his Son Jesus.