OCT 18 - getting un-stuck


Getting un-stuck - mission sunday 2020

October 18, 2020 - Luke 19.1-10
Pastor Joshua Tsavatewa of Sacred Road Ministries

This Sunday is Mission Sunday where we have the opportunity to honor and celebrate the missions and missionaries of Grace of Christ.  Grace holds a long and rich history of acting as a missions-focused church.  And, this great legacy continues today.  This Mission Sunday you will hear from our guest Pastor Joshua Tsavatewa of Sacred Road Ministries which serves the Yakama Nation in the White Swan/Harrah area.
As Pastor Joshua shares, Jesus loves even the “worst of the worst” and we all need Jesus! Without Jesus, our spirits are empty and dead inside.  But the good news is by meeting Jesus, we are forever changed! Joshua will be diving into Luke 19 where Zacchaeus, a man who is small in stature, has a life-changing encounter with Jesus. Hear from Joshua how Jesus, the son of God, looks at us sinners as His children and with love in His eyes.

Sacred Road reaches out to its community—one of the poorest in our nation—in a multitude of ways to provide hope to a “forgotten “ population affected by poverty, despair, substance abuse and unemployment.